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Terms of delivery

Basic Mode & Jeans webshop is shipping to the following countries:

1.   Belgium 

2.   Germany

Please notice;

1. Basic Mode & Jeans webshop is based in the Netherlands, Raadhuisplein 45 , 7811 AP , Emmen (Dr) and all agreements are under dutch law.

2. Shipping to countries as mentioned, cost € 9.95 

3. Payment by transfer, the customer wil receive a confirmatuin after the order confirmation with banking account numbers (BIC and IBAN) payment within 7 days otherwise the order will be cancelled.

4. When the payment has arrived, the order will be directly shipped. Normally it will be delivered within 7 days.

5. 14 days after delivery the customer can return the order (or cancel), the cost of returning the goods are on behalf of the customer, but within 30 days the original payment + original shipping cost will be returned on the account of the customer. 

6. When a customer wants to return the order, please send an e-mail to webshop@basicmode.nl with name, adress, IBAN and BIC code of the bank.

7. Quallity, if the quallity of the goods are not good, within normal terms of use, the customer can send an e-mail and we will solve the problem within 7 days.
8. Privacy - all information of the customer will only be used by Basic Mode & Jeans webshop for use of the order and will not be used for other purposes. If the customer is listed on the "nieuwsbrief" e-mail, he or she can remove his/her e-mail at the site (afmelden) or at the bottom of the newsletter.

9. Basic Mode & Jeans is based in the Netherlands so all taxes are payed in the Netherlands, Basic Mode & Jeans is not responsible for taxes that have to be payed by customer. 

10. Basic Mode & Jeans Webshop wants to fulfill all rights and duties that the European distance selling organisation (www.emota.org) is standig for, within the law of the Netherlands.

11. Basic Mode & Jeans is NOT responsible for any mistakes in words or numbers on this site, if it is clearly an error.

12. In the near future, www.basicmode.nl will become our english website, please mail if anything on www.basicmode.nl (dutch site) is not clear for instance colours or descriptions.

13. Basic Mode Webshop also accept Pay Pal ( www.paypal.nl )

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